Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Great Read: The Age of Miracles

I have a friend who is my go-to girl for book recommendations.  Every time I see her, no matter when or where, she always is able to rattle off a list of great reads to me. In return, I frantically scurry to write them all down in the notes of my iPhone so I can remember them.  It is a great little game we like to play.  What better source than a librarian who reads 60 books per year?!
She has been telling me about The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker for a while now.  It is a story of the slowing of time as told by a coming of age girl named Julie.  She tells about how her relationships and those of the people around evolve as the world around her starts to revolve at a slower pace.  As minutes literally stretch into hours, she is faced with the challenge of change and accepting what has become her new reality. It is an intriguing tale of both love and loss and how the impossible may actually be possible.
Happy Reading!

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