Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pottery Barn-Like Antiques for Less

The newest Pottery Barn catalog came in the mail yesterday and, as usual, it is full of goodness!  Who doesn't love a new catalog? It usually takes me a while to go through a catalog though.  I make a quick flip through the first time,  but then I like to delve a little deeper the second and third times through.  You see, it is not just about what they are selling.  For me it is all about how they are selling it.  I like to pay attention to how they decorate with and stage all of those pieces.  You don't notice all of those little details at first glance.  In fact, no matter how many times I flip through a catalog, I could probably find something new each time.

Well,  I found myself folding down the corners of several pages.  Lots of things were catching my eye, but not because I wanted to buy them.  It was because I already had them or a similar version at least!  The best part is that most of these things were either given to us by family or picked up during a day of "antiquing".  While we might not have paid a catalog price tag for any of these things, some of these items are true antiques and have a sentimental value that is priceless.

Take a look......

Trunk in living room // Trunk on media shelf //
Trunk as coffee table in sun room
(all of these were given to us)

Pottery Barn Vintage Bowling Set $129 // Vintage bowling pins on media shelf (given to us)

Pottery Barn Antique Globes $29-39 // Vintage globe on our bookshelf (we actually have two of these; one was given to us and the other cost $3 at an antique shop)

Pottery Barn Rhodes Kitchen Crock $24-39 // Vintage crock (given to us; we also have one about twice this size that we paid $25-30 for at an antique shop.......I have made pickles in both!)

Pottery Barn Vintage Keys, Set of 7 $19 // Vintages keys on the wall in our guest bedroom (the bottom left key was the start of our collection - it was the floor key to turn on/off our old gas logs; the rest of the keys were given to us)

Old drawer my husband used to keep his baseball cards in as a boy (given to him), vintage flasks on top (given to us), apothecary bottles on bottom with dice (some were given to us and the rest were bought for $4 at antique store) and bottle caps (bought as part of old bottle collection)

Glass jar with vintage marbles (both given to us) // Old mason jar with coffee beans (given to us)
Apothecary bottle with dried roses (given to us) // Glass jar with a picture of us from our reception (given to us)

Pottery Barn Antique-Silver Collection $79-129 // Silver trophies (won by my father-in-law and given to my husband)
All of this just goes to show that family heirlooms, hand-me downs and "antiquing" are just as good (if not better!) than anything you can buy from a catalog. 
Do you shop from a catalog or would you rather go "antiquing"?

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pintastic Mint Jeans

Do you get an email when someone repins something from one of your Pinterest boards?  I do and I love it!  Why?  I love knowing that someone else likes the same things I do.  Plus, it makes me think that maybe I'm not too far out in left field if people are repining from my boards.

In the last few weeks I've noticed that a lot of those emails are about a mint jeans pin on my "Do I have this in my closet?" board.  So, I went back to my board to check out which pin it was.  Little did I know I would find not one, but four pins about mint jeans.

Here is the pin causing all the emails......

Pintastic, right?!

Here are the others......

Now, these aren't just random pins from an overactive pinner finger.  I really love these mint jeans!  In fact, I own this pair from Loft.......

They are the perfect color and super comfy!  I have worn them with both royal blue and black tops and I am planning for the navy blazer and a gray sweater like the pictures above.

I actually own several pair of colored skinny jeans.  They are a perfect way of adding color to your wardrobe and enjoying the comfort of wearing jeans without looking like it.  They key is to look past their color and just treat them like jeans when putting together new outfits.  Think of all of the tops you would wear with your favorite dark rinse jeans.  More than likely, all of those same tops would look great with a little color on the bottom.  Add your favorite flats, boots or wedges and a great piece of jewelry and you are ready to go!  The only thing I don't see working with colored jeans (that might normally work with regular denim jeans) is tennis/athletic shoes.  Maybe Pinterest will prove me wrong.

Have you jumped on the colored jeans bandwagon?  I have and I hope I don't fall off anytime soon.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Blog Crasher: Fashionable Roller Shades

The blog has officially been crashed and I am so excited!!  Meet Laura.  She is the voice and soul of Bobbie + Agnes (the first blog I ever followed) and the creative talent behind Laura Lee Interior Design.  She is my go-to-girl for design tips, but most importantly one of my best friends (since high school!).  No matter if it has been days or weeks, we pick up right where we left off without skipping a beat.  She is also a wonderful mother, wife and sister; a true total package.  Today, she is here to let you in on a little secret.......

Fashionable RollerShades
I’ve grown to loathe mini blinds, not to be confused withplantation shutters.  They (the shutters) are timeless.  So, in two years of living in our littlecasa, I’ve slowly removed most of the blinds in our house.  Some windows have full panels, some haveroman shades, some have cornice boards. I love seeing the world outside, through the glass, not the blinds. Thenursery was the recent upgrade.

I first saw this on a blog I follow...Cottage and Vine. 
The designer in me actually called a professional, had themmeasured and thought about roman shades, custom fabric, the whole nineyards.  The more I thought, the more Ididn’t really want romans.  I wanted blackout, quick up, quick down, easy, but cute...and...not spend too much money.
Light bulb goes off.
My fabric, any fabric, and roller shades.
I pretty much follow Rene’s instructions with one, or twoadditions.  I found my fabric atHancock’s, an unexpected find, but it was perfect!  Khaki, wool, herringbone.  Perfect for the equestrian room.

 I laid the shade over the fabric to cut the access off.  I cut the fabric so that there was about aninch on one side and the bottom.  The edgesof the fabric were frayed and I wanted it to show.  I would hang the shades with this on theinside of the windows.  I put the shadeon the very edge of the fray to get the cuts accurate.

Then glue.  I used fabricglue, also found at Hobby Lobby.  I gluedthe side and then the bottom.

 Let dry overnight.
Hang.  (May or may notrequire man power, and a drill.)  Follow hanging instructions with shades, andfollow the instructions for getting the shades to roll up as tight as you wouldlike.

The panels in this room are non-functioning, so I can’t pull themto cover the rollers, and I don’t want to add a valance.  My wheels were spinning, how can I cover the rollers?  Even husband asks, “Aren’t you going to coverthose rollers?  Ummmm....yes....
I had just helped my sister take down lots of those rods (butthey’re not rods) that you just slip a panel on through its pocket.  The name totally escapes me.  They’re flat, not attractive and you canchange the widths.  And I did not take apicture before I did this.

 Hot glued upholstery binding. (Found at Hobby Lobby.)
Almost done.  These windowsare on the front of the house, so you could see my very uneven cutting job fromthe front, or the road.  Must fix.  Back to Hobby Lobby.  Amongst the trim I find this perfect redtape. 

 Cut.  Hot glue.  Done.
I love them from the front and back!  The best part is that I bought the black outrollers from Lowes, 20.00 per shade.  I’mnot sure if any of you live in Central Time Zone, but the sun keeps crazy hoursin this time zone.   Now when this littleguy sleeps, it’s like a cave...a beautiful cave.

 Win-win for everyone!  (Andyes, they work!)
I told you she was creative!  She might even have me convinced to keep my ugly roller shades.

House on the Way

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Invitations and Cupcakes!

I am excited to be co-hosting a baby shower in a couple of weeks.  So, when my friend Laura made these shower invitations I thought I could make mine too.  Any excuse to take a trip to Hobby Lobby, right?

The baby's rooms is going to be a mix of black and white zebra print and lime green and white giraffe print.  So, I picked up some black and white cardstock, zebra print scrapbook paper and ribbon.  Sounds simple right?  Ummmm, no!  Easier said than done.  I spent WAAAAY too long in that store trying to decide between all of the different types of paper and ribbon.  Let's just say I got some cardio in because I walked laps around that store.

First, I lined the envelopes with the zebra print scrapbook paper.  I used a template to cut the paper to size and then adhered it to the inside of the envelope using glue dots (good for scrapbooking, safe for photos). 

Next, I cut my cardstock to size (8.5" x 6.5" for the black, 8" x 6" for the white) and printed the wording onto the white cardstock.  I left about a 2" blank space on the invitation for the ribbon.  To attach the ribbon, I poked two holes (about an inch apart) in the center of that blank space.  (I used scissors to do this.)  I cut a 15" strip of ribbon, pulled one end of each strip through each whole from the underside to the front side and tied a knot in the center.  I trimmed each end so they wouldn't overlap the edges of the cardstock and used glue dots to adhere the ribbon ends to the front of the invitation.  This way I was sure they would lay flat and not cover up any of the text.

Last, I used glue dots again to attach the white cardstock to the center of the black cardstock, with the back of the ribbon sandwiched in between.

The shower is actually a diaper shower.  So, for an added little touch, I fastened a safety pin to the center of each ribbon.

The knot in the ribbon made the envelopes a little bulky and kind of expensive to mail.  I actually had to put the invitation in the envelope face down (instead of face up) to get the envelopes sealed.  Nevertheless, I think they are cute and the shower is going to be great!

And now for cupcakes!!

My birthday was Monday and these delicious goodies from Gigi's were all mine!  YUM :)  This fat kid LOVES cake!!

My favorite is wedding cake!  What is your favorite?


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Sunday Six

Hey guys! I hope you all have had a great weekend. I want to share with you a new series I am starting here at On Manor Drive called The Sunday Six.  The Sunday Six will be a quick glimpse at what I am loving that week. They may include things that are trendy, handmade, vintage, delicious or completely outrageous! I will include a link to the source when available so you can check them out for yourself.  Maybe you will find something you love too!

To see more of what I love be sure to follow me on Pinterest!  What are you loving?

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Anthropologie Birthday Miracle

The new Anthropologie store opened today at Lexington Green.  I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival and it did not disappoint!  It was like an early birthday present.

The style of the store itself is AMAZING!!  Take a look......

Trust me when I say the fashion and decor they have to offer is just as fabulous.  I have had my eye on this quilt for a while as part of my master bedroom makeover.  It is a beautiful cream/ivory and cuddly soft with just enough weight to it.

I almost bought it back in the fall, but chickened out at the last minute.  It is all part of that problem I have with pulling the trigger.  So, it was on my list of things to look for today.   Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that they did not have the cream color in the store (they only had the mint). 
Strike one.

 We always want what we can't have right?  Well, I wanted that quilt and asked if they could order it and have it shipped to my house.  Sure they could, if they had it.  It was so back ordered that they weren't even taking orders for it.  Just my luck!  The sales associates didn't stop there though.  First, they did a computer check at perimeter stores to see if anyone had it in-stock.  No one had it. 
Strike two. 

Then one sales associate offered to call his home store to see if they had it.  He said their store was in an old Sears building with a large basement and they sometimes had random things.  Guess what......they had it!  And they are shipping it all the way from Kansas City, Missouri to my house for free!!  (Online shipping would have been like $30.)
It was a birthday miracle!!!
A HUGE thanks to Lisa, Brittany and Robert for all of their help today hunting down this quilt.  Great customer service!

I didn't leave empty handed though.  Here are the other things I picked up......

These cute Calendar Year Dishtowels were on sale.

And a Natural Bone Frame (similar to these) that was on sale too.
The best part of all was I got 15% off everything using my Anthro rewards card for my birthday.
Are you going to Anthropologie this weekend?  What is on your list?

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ombre Valentine's Day Trees

I hope Cupid's Arrow got you into the Valentine's Day spirit!  I know it is still a few weeks away, but the stores already have their St. Patrick's Day and Easter stuff out!  I like to take one holiday at a time, so I am back today with another fun Valentine's Day idea.
 Supply List:
Floral cones
Hot glue gun
Heart punch (optional)
First, I used a heart punch to cut the hearts out of the cardstock.  I try to work smarter, not harder.  You could trace hearts onto the cardstock using a template and then cut them out by hand, but this would definitely be the harder way.  I got the heart punch from Michaels for about $6 after using my 40% off coupon.  It was worth every penny!  The cardstock came from the dollar section of Target.
 Then hot glue the hearts (pointed side up) around the floral cone starting at the bottom with the darkest color.  The hearts should overlap slightly to make sure none of the floral cone is showing through. 
Continue gluing the hearts around the floral cone from bottom to top, using the darkest color on the bottom and the lightest color on the top (this is called ombre).  The number of rows of each color will depend on the size of the floral cone and the number of colors.  I chose to make all of my color sections appear about equal in size.  Another option would be to have the darkest color on the bottom be the largest section and decrease the size of each section with each color going up.
 I think they are the perfect little addition to my Valentine's Day mantle.  What do you think?

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

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