Friday, March 1, 2013

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Okay....most of you ladies understand that the bigger the purse, the more junk stuff you put in it.  Hence the old adage "everything but the kitchen sink".  I was beginning to think there was a kitchen sink hidden at the bottom of this mess.....or at least a receipt for one!

Receipts are my biggest problem.  I just throw them in my purse for safe keeping in case I need to make a return. So, when I spotted this accordion file folder in the dollar section at Target I immediately knew it was the solution to my dirty little problem.  Plus, it is a good way to keep coupons handy.

When I got it home I used the label maker to label each section. I labeled most of the sections based on different parts of the grocery store, but I saved the last two sections for other store coupons and receipts.

Then I removed everything from my purse, threw away what I could, and filed the rest.  It turns out my big purse only really holds a few small things.

And now the file folder, with all of my coupons and receipts, fits nicely in the bottom of my purse.

It doesn't even look like the same purse!

I actually did this a few weeks ago and I am happy to report that my purse still looks this good!
Are you lugging around the kitchen sink in your purse?


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