Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Old TV Turned Display Shelf

I'm sure you've heard that story from your parents (or grandparents) about the time they bought their first television.  It was a big deal! The whole family would gather around to watch their favorite Sunday night show in black and white. At that time, TVs were a luxury and not everyone could afford them.  Fast forward a generation or two and TVs are just a normal household feature.  Nearly every family has at least one and it is more likely that each member of the family has their own.

I remember when I got my very own TV for my bedroom.  I was about 3 or 4 when my mom bought it for me and I loved it!  It logged so many hours of TV shows and Nintendo games, moved into the dorms with me, and grew old with me. It never let me down, even after I lost its remote, and I had a sentimental attachment to it.  So attached that even after purchasing newer and nicer TVs over the years I just couldn't let it go.  Instead, it sat in the garage collecting dust.

On more than one occasion my husband asked if he could take it to the curb. His persistence finally paid off and after almost thirty years I said goodbye to my beloved television.  Little did I know that it wasn't the end for my TV.....

Long after I thought the TV was gone, I came home one day to find that my husband had removed the tube and screen and had plans to upcycle it.  He decided it would make a good display case and had a shelf and back added to it. A quick coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint (in Arles) and clear wax and it was ready for its new job.


It's new job is to hang on the wall display Pac-Man memorabilia.  My husband's childhood nickname is Pac-Man and we are children of the eighties.  So, what once held sentimental value to me now holds new sentimental value to my husband.  Best part of all, I still have my TV......kind of!

Do you have something you don't use but just can't get rid of? Upcycle it!



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  1. What a brilliant project! So glad you were able to re-purpose a well-loved item.

  2. On some tv show (I can't remember what show), they had an old tv turned into a fish tank. I've always wanted to do it....but I have a feeling that it would take a serious amount of figuring. Your display shelf is a great idea though.