Monday, January 14, 2013

What She Wore: Golden Globe Red Carpet 2013

In case you missed it, the annual awards season has begun.  I love a good party.  It is a few good hours of cheap entertainment on a usually otherwise boring TV night.   Last night's Golden Globe Awards were no exception.  The hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were amazingly funny and turned a stuffy business dinner into a glammed up episode of Saturday Night Live.  Let's be honest though, most of us don't really care about who won Best Actress or what flick brought home Best Film.  All we really care about is what she wore.  So much so that most of us pre-party on another channel watching hours of red carpet coverage.  Well today the post-party is On Manor Drive as I share with you the good, the bad and the ugly of last night's red carpet.

Let's start with the bad and the ugly.  It is kind of like ripping off a band aid.  The faster we get this over with the less it's going to hurt (maybe).

Do you see a trend?  Lace, Sheer and Nude.  I am not a fan.
Mayim Bialik - This is a nice sparkly, winter wonderland kind of dress, but I don't like the sheer sleeves and neckline.  I think this dress would have looked better strapless or with spaghetti straps.
Jennifer Lopez - She looks beautiful as always, but I just don't think this dress is doing it.  I think this dress would have looked better in a fabulous jewel tone.
Kerry Washington - This awkward photo doesn't do her any favors, but neither does the dress.  I think this dress would look better short; cut off where the nude layer underneath stops.  However, short is not really accepted on the red carpet.  So, in this case, it might look better without the paneling behind the legs, just sheer and sparkly from the mid-thigh down.
Now for the GOOD!!
Jessica Alba - Hands down my most favorite of the night.  This dress is absolutely gorgeous and she looks amazing.  I also think this dress would be great for a wedding dress (in the right color of course).  Oh, and that necklace she is can be yours too for $5.8 million.
Jennifer Lawrence - This KY girl rocked the red and looked beautiful even while suffering from the flu.
Rosario Dawson - What I love most about this dress is the perfect pastel blue color.  And the peplum.  And the little cap-like sleeves.  Pastels are trending for spring.
Katharine McPhee - I love a black dress.  The neckline and fabric texture detail add an extra little something to an otherwise classic look.
There were definitely some winners last night, but overall everyone looked kind of drab.  Let's face it, maroons and pasty, winter white skin doesn't look very good on anyone.  What do you think?  Who was your favorite?

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  1. I agree with you about the dresses at the top--they look like something Nancy Kerrigan would wear to figure skate in.
    On a completely different note-thanks so much for stopping in at "Kirb Appeal" and leaving a comment. I am a new follower! (Also, I have written a Golden Globes post--sort of--to go up tomorrow.)