Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year. New Blog.

Happy New Year!!

It seems to be blog tradition to begin the New Year with a recap of last year's posts. It is a time to reflect on a job well done or total failure and then start fresh with new goals/resolutions. You can’t go back and look at any posts, but take my word for it when I say I failed miserably. You see, I am the absolute worst with New Year’s resolutions. Some years I haven’t even bothered making any because I know they won’t last through January. So, I only made two small resolutions last year: 1. Keep my fingernails painted. 2. Send cards. Well, let’s just say that I didn't make the grade and will be repeating (20)12th grade!

Since I can’t even make the grade in the simplest of subjects, I figured this year I will either go BIG or go home. New Year. New Blog. New Goals/Resolutions. Of course 1 and 2 remain at the top of the list, but I’m adding 13 home projects to the list for 2013.

3. Paint the staircase. It is the same color as the day we bought the house. I can’t even describe it, but probably the original from 1955.

4. Redo the master bedroom. We painted and got new bedding 4 years ago when we moved in, but now I hate it. I cannot even begin to tell you how much bedding I have bought over the years only to loathe it later.

5. (Start and ) Finish my office. Need I say more?

6. Window treatments for the guest bedroom. MIA for 4 years.

7. Window treatments for the kitchen. MIA for 4 years.

8. Cut off all the blinds. I’ve always been too scared to try it for fear of ruining the blinds! YouTube here I come.

9. New color scheme and couch for the living room. I want to lighten it up a little and add more color. Is that contradictory?

10. Create a space for me. My husband has a man cave. I want a WOman cave.

11. Clean out the closets. They accumulate SO MUCH STUFF!

12. Touch up the trim. Some normal wear, some new trim and some probably never even got painted in the first place.

13. Install the rest of the kitchen hardware. While the cabinet doors seem to have all of their parts, the drawers never got theirs. Worst cabinet installers ever! Cheaper is not always better.

14. Heating/air upgrade for the upstairs. To make it just right like baby bear.

15. Permanently fix the outside pots and topiaries. I am tired of “fixing” them only to have them blow over with the next wind gust. Plus, I look like the neighborhood misfit.

Whew! That looks like a long list, but some projects are small and simple. I’ve recently found myself with a little more time on my hands. That means more time for these small and simple projects that I have been putting off (only for the last 4 years since we moved in our house!! Don’t judge!) I am going to use this blog to keep you update along the way, but to also help keep me accountable. I’ll let you be the judge at the end of the year. Don’t worry, this won’t all be about house projects but also about fashion, food, books, and everything else that happens On Manor Drive…..where life and love meet.


P.S. I am no photographer.  Maybe that can be my extra credit project?

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  1. Welcome to blogging Lisa! I am all for #10 on that list, maybe move it up to the top? I hear tell you'll be more motivated and creative to tackle the other stuff if you have your own space to think about it in!

    Thanks for linking up.


  2. I forgot to tell 'ya, I featured you...