Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ombre Valentine's Day Trees

I hope Cupid's Arrow got you into the Valentine's Day spirit!  I know it is still a few weeks away, but the stores already have their St. Patrick's Day and Easter stuff out!  I like to take one holiday at a time, so I am back today with another fun Valentine's Day idea.
 Supply List:
Floral cones
Hot glue gun
Heart punch (optional)
First, I used a heart punch to cut the hearts out of the cardstock.  I try to work smarter, not harder.  You could trace hearts onto the cardstock using a template and then cut them out by hand, but this would definitely be the harder way.  I got the heart punch from Michaels for about $6 after using my 40% off coupon.  It was worth every penny!  The cardstock came from the dollar section of Target.
 Then hot glue the hearts (pointed side up) around the floral cone starting at the bottom with the darkest color.  The hearts should overlap slightly to make sure none of the floral cone is showing through. 
Continue gluing the hearts around the floral cone from bottom to top, using the darkest color on the bottom and the lightest color on the top (this is called ombre).  The number of rows of each color will depend on the size of the floral cone and the number of colors.  I chose to make all of my color sections appear about equal in size.  Another option would be to have the darkest color on the bottom be the largest section and decrease the size of each section with each color going up.
 I think they are the perfect little addition to my Valentine's Day mantle.  What do you think?

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

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