Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pintastic Mint Jeans

Do you get an email when someone repins something from one of your Pinterest boards?  I do and I love it!  Why?  I love knowing that someone else likes the same things I do.  Plus, it makes me think that maybe I'm not too far out in left field if people are repining from my boards.

In the last few weeks I've noticed that a lot of those emails are about a mint jeans pin on my "Do I have this in my closet?" board.  So, I went back to my board to check out which pin it was.  Little did I know I would find not one, but four pins about mint jeans.

Here is the pin causing all the emails......

Pintastic, right?!

Here are the others......

Now, these aren't just random pins from an overactive pinner finger.  I really love these mint jeans!  In fact, I own this pair from Loft.......

They are the perfect color and super comfy!  I have worn them with both royal blue and black tops and I am planning for the navy blazer and a gray sweater like the pictures above.

I actually own several pair of colored skinny jeans.  They are a perfect way of adding color to your wardrobe and enjoying the comfort of wearing jeans without looking like it.  They key is to look past their color and just treat them like jeans when putting together new outfits.  Think of all of the tops you would wear with your favorite dark rinse jeans.  More than likely, all of those same tops would look great with a little color on the bottom.  Add your favorite flats, boots or wedges and a great piece of jewelry and you are ready to go!  The only thing I don't see working with colored jeans (that might normally work with regular denim jeans) is tennis/athletic shoes.  Maybe Pinterest will prove me wrong.

Have you jumped on the colored jeans bandwagon?  I have and I hope I don't fall off anytime soon.

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