Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Invitations and Cupcakes!

I am excited to be co-hosting a baby shower in a couple of weeks.  So, when my friend Laura made these shower invitations I thought I could make mine too.  Any excuse to take a trip to Hobby Lobby, right?

The baby's rooms is going to be a mix of black and white zebra print and lime green and white giraffe print.  So, I picked up some black and white cardstock, zebra print scrapbook paper and ribbon.  Sounds simple right?  Ummmm, no!  Easier said than done.  I spent WAAAAY too long in that store trying to decide between all of the different types of paper and ribbon.  Let's just say I got some cardio in because I walked laps around that store.

First, I lined the envelopes with the zebra print scrapbook paper.  I used a template to cut the paper to size and then adhered it to the inside of the envelope using glue dots (good for scrapbooking, safe for photos). 

Next, I cut my cardstock to size (8.5" x 6.5" for the black, 8" x 6" for the white) and printed the wording onto the white cardstock.  I left about a 2" blank space on the invitation for the ribbon.  To attach the ribbon, I poked two holes (about an inch apart) in the center of that blank space.  (I used scissors to do this.)  I cut a 15" strip of ribbon, pulled one end of each strip through each whole from the underside to the front side and tied a knot in the center.  I trimmed each end so they wouldn't overlap the edges of the cardstock and used glue dots to adhere the ribbon ends to the front of the invitation.  This way I was sure they would lay flat and not cover up any of the text.

Last, I used glue dots again to attach the white cardstock to the center of the black cardstock, with the back of the ribbon sandwiched in between.

The shower is actually a diaper shower.  So, for an added little touch, I fastened a safety pin to the center of each ribbon.

The knot in the ribbon made the envelopes a little bulky and kind of expensive to mail.  I actually had to put the invitation in the envelope face down (instead of face up) to get the envelopes sealed.  Nevertheless, I think they are cute and the shower is going to be great!

And now for cupcakes!!

My birthday was Monday and these delicious goodies from Gigi's were all mine!  YUM :)  This fat kid LOVES cake!!

My favorite is wedding cake!  What is your favorite?


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1 comment:

  1. Very pretty Lisa!
    And please...bring on the cupcakes!
    Thanks for sharing - have a blessed week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change