Friday, January 18, 2013

Anthropologie Birthday Miracle

The new Anthropologie store opened today at Lexington Green.  I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival and it did not disappoint!  It was like an early birthday present.

The style of the store itself is AMAZING!!  Take a look......

Trust me when I say the fashion and decor they have to offer is just as fabulous.  I have had my eye on this quilt for a while as part of my master bedroom makeover.  It is a beautiful cream/ivory and cuddly soft with just enough weight to it.

I almost bought it back in the fall, but chickened out at the last minute.  It is all part of that problem I have with pulling the trigger.  So, it was on my list of things to look for today.   Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that they did not have the cream color in the store (they only had the mint). 
Strike one.

 We always want what we can't have right?  Well, I wanted that quilt and asked if they could order it and have it shipped to my house.  Sure they could, if they had it.  It was so back ordered that they weren't even taking orders for it.  Just my luck!  The sales associates didn't stop there though.  First, they did a computer check at perimeter stores to see if anyone had it in-stock.  No one had it. 
Strike two. 

Then one sales associate offered to call his home store to see if they had it.  He said their store was in an old Sears building with a large basement and they sometimes had random things.  Guess what......they had it!  And they are shipping it all the way from Kansas City, Missouri to my house for free!!  (Online shipping would have been like $30.)
It was a birthday miracle!!!
A HUGE thanks to Lisa, Brittany and Robert for all of their help today hunting down this quilt.  Great customer service!

I didn't leave empty handed though.  Here are the other things I picked up......

These cute Calendar Year Dishtowels were on sale.

And a Natural Bone Frame (similar to these) that was on sale too.
The best part of all was I got 15% off everything using my Anthro rewards card for my birthday.
Are you going to Anthropologie this weekend?  What is on your list?

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  1. You must live near Carmel of Our Fifth House. She mentioned that store opening this weekend also. Glad you found your quilt, way to be persistent!