Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Love-struck: Valentine's Day Cupid's Arrow

Valentine's Day is less than one month away and love is in the air! (If you consider 30 degrees temps and sleet love, because that is what is in the air here.)  So to warm your heart I thought I would show you a fun and easy Valentine's Day craft.

Supply List:
Dowel rods
Washi tape
Red Felt
Hot Glue Gun
First, I glued feathers to one end of each dowel rod.

Next, I wrapped each dowel rod with this cute little red chevron washi tape.

Finally, I cut hearts out of red felt and glued one heart to each side of the other end of the dowel rod.


I think they are super cute and they look perfect in our monogrammed glass vase on the mantle.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you another part of my Valentine's Day mantle.
Have you been love-struck by Cupid's arrow?

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